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There are numerous proven as well as unproven
color and pattern mutations currently being worked with
here I will attempt to showcase as many of the wonderful mutations as possible

Anerythristic Brazillians !!
The anerythristic color morph has been proven by Brian Sharp and is an impressive animal by itself, however mixed with the currently available hypomelanistic BRB's double het. for GHOST BRB's will be created !!! What an awesome snake and project for everyone interested in Rainbow Boas !!!
CALICO Brazillians !!!
This is as of yet an unproven color and pattern mutation believed to be linked to age in the snakes as a simple recessive gene. This animal belongs to Brian Sharp and hopefully will be proven in the near future.
Hypomelanistic Brazillians
Currently there are 2 beautiful proven lines of Hypo BRB's and a few unproven Hypo's being worked with. These animals are amazing and will be awesome to have in your collection when the ALBINO BRB is found !!!!
Hypomelanistic Peruvian !!!
Unproven genetically as of yet and also currently the ONLY known specimen in captivity. This animal is similiar to the proven hypo BRB lines but just a tad more orange in color !!!
Hypo/Patternless Columbians !!!
This is another morph in progress. This animal was born in a clutch of patternless *proven co-dominant* columbian rainbow boas. As you can see she is much much lighter than a normal columbian and hardly patterned at all. It will be very interesting to watch this morph develop.
Bullseye Brazillians !!!
This pattern mutation is awesome, the usual side crescent patterns are complete circles and really add a killer look to the normal rainbows and just imagine all the color morphs mixed with this pattern mutation...lots of fun!!!!
Brazillians !

There are single striped BRB's however this new Double Striped Brazillian Rainbow Boa BLOWS THEM AWAY !!!!!!!!!

Yep its true a real pure WHITE Lucy Columbian Rainbow boa! As of yet unproven but obviously will be a simple recessive trait