Hypomelanistic Peruvian Rainbow pictures
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HYPOMELANISTIC Peruvian Rainbow Boa
Currently the FIRST and only known
Hypomelanistic Peruvian Rainbow Boa in captivity!!!

Defined as a reduction in black pigmentation, usually leaving brown or really light brown/tan !! Unfortunately I have yet to get a picture that shows the lack of black pigmentation as you can see the pictures make the snake look like it has a black pattern which it does NOT!!!
Comparison picture with one of my orange breeder female Brazillian Rainbows, this really shows how much different the Peruvian looks !!!

Another comparison picture with same orange BRB. You can see the size difference between these two adult females well in this picture.

What an AWESOME picture. The rainbow on the left in the picture is a Brazillian rainbow and the one on the Right is my Hypomelanistic Peruvian. Hows that for a differentiation in animals !!!