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Just a small group of some of my favorites!!!
This page will take FOREVER to load but is more than worth the wait

One of my killer orange adult females !!!

Same killer female

Another adult female, these girls are gorgeous !

2nd female again WOW !

Imagine this as a TATTOO

BRB and my Hypo. Peruvian just plain AWESOME !!!!!

Yellow female, some are mistakenly calling these Anery's ???

Instead of the nice orange crescent just high YELLOW !!!

Just plain kewl, I really like the yellow crescents

Het. Anery from Brian Sharp

Can't say enough about this snake WOW!!!!

Holy crap, look at the sides on this Male !!!

What you can't really see is that his sides are actually PURPLE!!!

You can sort of see the purple on his sides in this pic WOW!!!

Killer comparison picture :^)

Oh yeah, bites the hell out of me everytime but I still love her

How'd she get in here ?

Nope not a rainbow

My favorite RED-TAIL ever !!!!!

Wow, normal boa and my pastel Male ??? Nice pair

Male PERUVIAN Rainbow Boa !!!