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??? Tony Basica ???

So who is this guy??? Well I've made this page simply becuase if you are here you're looking to purchase an animal. I always recommend finding out about a breeder before purchasing from them and this is just some quick information about me and my experience.

So what are my experiences with these wonderful animals.
Starting out at 11 years old I purchased what I thought was just a nice big garden snake. Well I was very quickly thrust into learning how to raise baby snakes when about a week after having her home I found a bunch of tiny little baby garden snakes hiding under the water bowl ! I was so excited, my mom freaked. I quickly went to the library to try and find out what the babies could eat and well basically found no information. I figured since the petstore guy said the mother would eat worms, crickets and baby mice that I would try out the worms on the babies...BINGO! They ate as many as I could find and the mother liked them as well but seemed to prefer mice. Thus began my love with snakes !!!!!

Onward and upward, after keeping the baby garden snakes for a few weeks I decided it was time to get larger and found a really neat snake at a pet store that was huge!!! It was an adult ball python..according to the petstore guy they were super easy to care for, yeah right! Anyway I'm sure he was an imported snake he never ate well but did actually eat a small black or brown mouse on occasion and unfortunately only live. I held onto him and learn more and more about snakes over the years eventually selling the ball python when I got into college where I really began to yearn for more critters. I began rescueing Iguanas simply because they were everywhere and other students where constantly getting rid of them. My first summer away from college I moved back to Orlando and purchased my first Albino Burmese python, WOW I still love burms today. It wasn't easy hiding an 11' snake in a dorm room but I was very good at it and managed to not only hide her but an 8' green burm and usually around 2-3 iguanas all at the same time for 3 years while at school. Then graduation, time for a change.....
I sold my snakes to a person who raised and bred them locally and went to work with the BIG guys, yep lions, tigers and bears. Eventhough I enjoyed the cats I longed to have my snakes back so needless to say it wasn't long before I rescued yet another burm only this time she was BIG!! 16'+ and weighed in at 210lbs when we got her as a retired breeder this snake was enormous but docile as a kitten. I slowly increased my collection with ball pythons, red-tails and slowly began purchasing rainbow boas *my favorites* I have bred ball pythons for a couple of years and have really slimmed down my ball collection as well as my red-tail collection to concentrate on rainbow boas only. Total I have approx 60 snake years of experience which to me doesn't seem like much but that equates to taking care of 60 different snakes each for at least a full 12 months. Or 1 snake for a full 60years, a formula created by the Barkers that I believe to be a great way to determine a small part of a keepers experience. I've bought and sold numerous animals in the past 5 years and have become very serious about breeding only in the past 3 years so I am still a newbie and am always learning. I pride myself in the health and quality of the animals I produce, though small in numbers they are very high on quality. If you are looking for cheap snakes I suggest looking elsewhere, if you are looking for selectively bred beauty then you've found the right place!!!

Want to know more, feel free to email me with any questions and I will be happy to chat with you.