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Hypo Peruvian Rainbow 

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Welcome to Tony Basica's Weirdsnakes

Specializing in numerous species of Rainbow Boas as well as many color and pattern morphs of different Rainbow species.
Species of Rainbow Boas I'm currently working with

Brazillian Rainbow Boas
- Hypomelanistic
- Anerythristic
- Calico
- Hypermelanistic **NEW**
- Highlighted**NEW**
Peruvian Rainbow Boas
- Hypomelanistic
Columbian Rainbow Boas
- Hypo/Patternless
Guyana Rainbow Boas

Just Rainbow Boas Forum !!Rainbow Boa stuff you've just GOT TO HAVE !!!!
Additional species I'm working with

Columbian Red-Tail Boas
- Sssssstriped
- Super Pastel
- Albino
Central American Red-Tail Boas
- TypeII Anery/Hypermelanistic ?


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